4 out of 5 stars.

It is definitely among the elite of comic book movies, but not quite my favorite (I’ll save that for another post, another day).  One of my favorite aspects of most comic book movies is the depth of spiritual parallels that are so blatantly obvious.  Here are a few brief summaries of some of those truths found in Ironman:

  1. Let me go ahead and start with the obvious, the spiritual armor of God.  Just as Tony Stark was able to suit up and get ready for battle, we are able to do the same.  Just take a look at Ephesians 6:10-20.  Our armor is spiritual in nature as the battle we are engaged in is of a spiritual nature as well.  And the weapon we are to do battle with is greater than anything Ironman’s suit is equipped with, it’s the Word of God.
  2. The villian is obsessed with achieving absolute domination.  Okay – so this isn’t exclusive to the Ironman story line, however it stood out to me a little more in this movie because his drive was more than just greed of power…there were presonal motivations.  He was jealous, driven by rage, and had a personal beef with Tony Stark.  This situation much like the one that unfolded when Lucifer decided he was greater than the One and Only God.
  3. And the monolague in the movie that encapsulated more spiritual truth than the rest of the movie: “There is the next mission, and nothing else…I shouldn’t be alive unless it was for a reason…I just finally know what I have to do.  And I know in my heart that it’s right.” – Tony Stark.  Can you imagine if every believer was driven in their walk with Christ to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth with this type of attitude?  Can you imagine with me what we might be capable of if we paraphrased this statement?  “There is the next soul to win, and nothing else.  For no other reasons than this do we live our lives.  There is no question regarding the purpose for which we live our lives that needs to be asked when you understand the answers are this: to grow deep in our relationship with God and to go wide with the Gospel of his Son Jesus Christ.  I know these truths to be right as they are sealed in my heart.”

So what did you think of the movie?  What other spiritual insights did you gain from?  Feel free to share your thoughts on my blog or the movie itself.

(Check out how this movie closely parallels and feeds into this year’s Dare 2 Share conference tour: Invincible)

3 thoughts on “Ironman

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  2. jason
    thanks for the comment 🙂

    (other insight from iron man… tony had slivers heading toward his heart that would kill him. what little things get thrown in our lives, that if they made it to our hearts.. would kill us?)

    blessings to you in your ministry as well.


  3. I just wanted to throw out there that I stumbled on this blog post as I’m writing a blog with a very similar thought to your third point. I think the determination expressed by Starks can easily cross over for Christians to their determination to know and love Jesus Christ.

    Often I find that there always seems to be ‘something else’ vying for my commitment to Christ.

    Obviously, I don’t completely cross over his statement because the Christian life is not characterized by a succession of missions for us to do, but rather a union with Christ to be consistently lived out. However, I completely agree with your thoughts about applying such a focus to our desire to spread the name of Jesus to those who have not heard.

    Your blog was an encouragement to me, thanks!

    Grace and Peace,
    John Michael LaRue

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