As the Director of Sales & Youth Ministry Services at Dare 2 Share Ministries I have been responsible for our overall conference tour registrations for the last 2 tours.  We are launching our Invincible Tour in just a few weeks!  This week I have been tasked wiith two other significant responsibilities: product sales (which falls in line with what I do anyway) and working with Networkers.

I am excited about both of my new responsibilities, but the Networking piece has provide instant gratification for a few reasons.

  1. I get to connect with Youth Leaders all over the nation who are aligned with what D2S is all about and implementing our Deep & Wide Youth Ministry philosophy.
  2. They are another link for me to the trenches of Youth Ministry (in addition to the small group I lead).
  3. They are helping me gain a broader view of Youth Ministry culture.
  4. It’s awesome to fellowship with men and women who love God and teenagers as much as I do…some even more!

As I get immersed in working with Networks and Networkers, I’d love for you to direct them my way or let me know who I need to be connecting with.  I am excited to see what we will be capable of doing together in Youth Ministry.

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