I absolutely love our Monday night high school small group!  We have seen God do some cool things in the past few weeks as we have launched this group.  I think the biggest reason I love this group so much is because my co-leader, Sam, and I set the bar high for this group: we will go wide by sharing our faith with our friends and we will grow deep in our relationship with God by memorizing scripture and studying the Word every week.  They have stepped up to the challenge and are doing more and more of what is asked of them.

This week just about the entire group (15 teenagers this week) has read the book, Venti Jesus Please.  About half of the group has memorized our group’s verses: Matthew 28:19-20.  A few of the students have actually begun to engage their friends in spiritual conversations and some are beginning to bring their friends to church, youth group, or small group.  WOOHOO!  I love it when teenagers get it.

Tonight we also taught from Acts 8:26-38 about Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch.  Our focal point was how Philip was obedient to God’s prompting and it led to the Eunuch’s salvation and baptism.  After discussing for 10-15 minutes we presented the group with another challenge for this next week:  be sensitive to God’s prompting and sieze the moments He presents to you this week by sharing the Gospel with someone.  We are going to have every student share next week.

Pray that our kids pass on VJP to their friends, finish memorizing Matthew 28:19-20, and are sensitive to God’s prompting in their life to reach out to someone this week and share the Gospel!

2 thoughts on “HS Small Group 9/29/08

  1. Jason you’re making a lifetime impact on these students! They are blessed and I know many will choose to live differently because of you. You rock! Thanks for responding to God’s call to do this. It matters – a lot!

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