So this has to be the coolest way to train children to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  My son’s friend Jeremy and his dad Greg taught us how it works and Christian and I, in turn, have now been doing the same.  First, let me start with a little explanation of what this is:

ThumbGod loves me.

Index FingerI have sinned.

Middle FingerChrist died for me.

Ring FingerIf I believe.

PinkyI will go to Heaven.

It’s that simple.  In fact, it’s so simple, it’s genius.  So Christian and I have been training his other friend Preston how to share the Gospel using the Gospel Hand.  At first, Preston was pretty reluctant, but the more and more our families hang out, the more he gets excited about it.  Initially, Preston would ask me or Christian when he’d see us if we “remembered” the Gospel Hand, and then he’d fire it off like Clint Eastwood with an old school 5-shooter.  He then began telling everyone he saw the Gospel Hand.

Last week, Preston and his mom had a tour of the new Christian preschool he’ll be attending (he’s only 4) and he rattled it off for the Assistant Director and then the Director of the preschool.  They were so impressed that Preston is going to train the whole preschool on Tuesday morning @ 9 AM.

Pray that Preston’s influece would be great among his peers and that they would all have great retention of the Gospel Hand.  Just think, if a 4-year-old can learn this and now have the opportunity to train his school, how much influence might we have in our worlds if we would be as bold for the Gospel as Preston.

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