My buddy Sam and I started a high school small group a few weeks ago and set the standard pretty high for the students that are involved: take the commitment seriously, grow in your relationship with God (memorize scripture, quite time, etc.) and evangelize.  Our goal is to grow this group, but not by bringing church friends to group.  We want to see the group grow because they are leading their friends to Christ.  That simple, that demanding.

So last week we gave the students 2 challenges for the week.  1) Memorize Matthew 28:19-20.  2)  Read Venti Jesus Please.  About half the group had read VJP and have now been challenges to give the book to a friend that doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  A few of the kids had started memorizing Matthew 28:19-20.  My favorite moment in group on Monday was the conversation I had with one of the girls in front of the whole group.

Me: “For those of you who have read the whole book the challenge this week is to give the book to a friend who doesn’t know Jesus.”

Her: “What if you already did that?”

Me: “Follow-up with them.  Ask them what they thought of the book and begin a spiritual conversation.”

Her: “What if you already did that?”

Me: “Well then share the Gospel with them.”

Her: “I did.  They are coming to church on Sunday.”

So I came up with the only response I could think of.  “Here’s another book.  Do it again this week!”

I love seeing students get it.  I love it when teenagers rise to the challenge and don’t shrink back like most adults would.  Thank God for kids who aren’t ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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