Today I had the incredible opportunity and privelege to preach at my church, Northern Hills Christian Church, in our White Water service. God was truly faithful and showed up in a big way. It was amazing to be a part of His work!

Outside of preaching today, which is something I haven’t had the opportunity to do in this type of setting in 2 1/2 years, it was also awesome as my good friend Dan was leading worship. I absolutely enjoy ministering with friends! On top of that, my wife was in our other worship venue leading worship in the River. It was also encouraging to have the support of so many friends in church today as well!

God, thanks for a great day. Thanks for letting me be a part of what You had already ordained to take place today. We rejoice and thank You for all that You did!

One thought on “Preaching @ NHCC

  1. Jay,
    This is anne speelman,um the last time I saw you was your brothers wedding, anywho found you on wordpress while i was messing around on my own wordpress, funny, random, very weird, you’re probably thinking, Im a huge dork. Any who I hope your doing well, neva too and the kids.

    ❤ anne
    my wordpress, http://www.annespeelman.wordpress.com

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