Today was probably the best day of the vacation so far.  We headed down to Savannah for the day and had the best time ever!

Setting the stage – referring back to the time share sales pitch that we sat through earlier in the week with JR, we had recieved free passes to ride on the Old Town Trolley Day Tour in Savannah, along with coupons for lunch and a few $10 certificates for the gift shop.  So we headed to Savannah not exactly sure of what to expect, but excited about our new adventure.

We get to the trolley station and turn in our certificates for our boarding passes ($110 value for the 5 of us).  As the tour gets underway we realize we are in for a crazy ride as our trolley driver and guide, Netra (Nee-tra) is as funny as she is informed about the city of Savannah.

We jump off the trolley tour and head to lunch.  Before we sat down to eat we hit up a fun candy and ice cream shop that had a variety of fun things to offer.  We finally ate at a great Carribean seafood place on the Riverwalk.  Again, we cash in our certificates and a $90 meal becomes $20 – we only paid for Christian’s kid’s meal and gratuity ($70 in value).  Right after lunch we headed to the gift shop and purchased our trinkets with our certificates (another $20 in value).

On the way back to the trolley station we walk the Savannah River and do all the fun touristy things..pictures, shopping, pictures, shopping, and more pictures.  And of course, before we jump on the trolley, we hit that fun candy and ice cream shop up again one more time.

Tonight we ordered in pizza, hit the pool up, and rented a movie.  A relaxing end to an entertaining day.  What a blast?!?!

One thought on “Summer Vacation: Day 6

  1. How fun it has been to read about your trip! I am so glad the Lamb family has had so much fun in SC – but I miss you all (especially Christian) terribly! Welcome back to good ole CO… it’s always fun to see the sun and ocean, but aren’t the mountains and the Colorado late afternoon thunderstorms worth coming home to? C U tomorrow!

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