In order to maximize time with the fam, my dad and I got as early a time as possible at 7:32 am and we started swinging away.  We got off to a great start and it was nice not to get paired up with another twosome.  The front 9 was great: good pace and a good rhythm.  The back 9 got bogged down and the pace and play got bad.

Arnold Palmer Signature Course: 105

It wasn’t a total loss as we had certificates for cheap golf from our time share pitch on Monday which allowed us to save about $35 on golf that I otherwise couldn’t have afforded. 

We got home and picked Neva and Christian up from the beach.  After a quick lunch we kicked it poolside for several hours.  Nothing beats vacation and kicking it in the sun!

For our evening activities, we slid down to the south side of the island to Sea Pines (a private community with a lot of history).  We walked around the harbor, went to the top of the lighthouse, and had dinner at the Crazy Crab – but no crab legs tonight.  However, I did get a seafood platter that included shrimp, flounder, scallops, crab cake, and a stuffed fillet.

Another great day on the island!

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