So we finally had the opportunity to dig in and enjoy the day today.  We got up and had a big breakfast and headed down to one of those time share presentations.  JR was the man with a plan and he skillfully presented incredible facts about the time share company that we didn’t care a thing about.  When he got to the ask he was SHOCKED we said no.  He was convinced that he had us on his hook.  When we stood firm on our no, he got a little panicky and started saying things like, “Don’t you know I work on commission?” “Didn’t I do a good job?”  We told him, quite frankly, that we simply came to hear the spiel so we could get the FREE STUFF.  Then he got upset and was going to make us take the tour of the resort, as if he wasted more of our time we’d say yes, but he was convinced now to give us the full 90 minute presentation.  That’s when your’s truly showed him the invitation we recieved stated a presentation less than 60 minutes (he was already on minute 75-80).  When he realized there was no way out, he conceded and we left with some cool stuff:

4 FREE passes for the Savannah Trolley Tour
FREE lunch certifcates for some cool restaraunt in Savannah
8 Rounds of discounted golf @ Arnold Palmer’s signature course
8 Rounds of discounted golf @ Davis Love III signature course

As you can see…well worth the hour plus and having to slightly, but gently, hurt JR’s feelings.

The rest of our afternoon was spent pool side, 6 hours in all.  We had ice cream sundays and attended a wine and cheese tasting poolside.  It was a great afternoon filled with absolutely nothing.  I love vacation!

As dinner time rolled around we headed to Hudson’s on the inlet and had another pound of crab legs for $14.95…again, great price for crab legs:

2 lbs of crab legs

$26.90 spent on legs

Tomorrow is going to be another adventure with most of our time spent at the beach and Arnold Palmer’s signature course.  No matter how painful, I promise to post my score (and my dad’s).  What another great day!

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