I’m curious as to what your answer might be to this question.  I’ve heard both sides.  Typically, people within the church are more like to say “Bad, because we’re all sinners.”  And in general, people outside the church say that people are most likely good, for a variety of reasons.  I have continued to think about this question and have come up with what I will call “working conclusions.”  But first, I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this question…

4 thoughts on “Are people GOOD or BAD? and Why?

  1. What a complicated question! Here’s my 2 cents… I could cheat and say “both” but I won’t – I’ll be the first on your post to choose a side. I say GOOD! Yes, we are all sinners but those of us who have put our trust in Christ are now counted as RIGHTEOUS in His eyes. That’s pretty stinkin’ Good! And what about those non-believing folks? Well yeah, they are sinners too – but he’s called us to deliver the good news of the Gospel to them right? So they must be worth saving!

  2. After the forbidden fruit incident in the garden, sin came into the world. Because of that, it is human nature for us to be “bad.” Think about it -do we have to teach children to throw tantrums, hit or to be selfish with their toys? NO! We have to teach them to do the opposite…not to hit, to share their things.

    Those of us who have a relationship with Christ strive to be “good” and be more like Him. We rock along for a few days (some of us just hours or minutes) and then WHAM – the natural “bad” side emerges and we fall short of the marker of “good” – Jesus Himself -again.

  3. I guess it all depends on what makes a person or being “Good” or “Bad”. I think most people make that disctinction based upon actions. That makes it difficult to make a decission because we all do “good” things AND “bad” things. So go a little deeper…maybe it is not by our actions, but by what our intentions are or “where our heart is”. That brings us to another good question, what determines what makes our intentions good or bad. Do they have to be self-less? Either way, we get to the same place because our intentions are never consistent and at times we all have “good” and “bad” intentions.

    So here it goes… I beleive that we all are Bad. Jesus says when asked by a young man in Mathew 19 that “there is only one who is good.” referring to himself, a god-man without sin. Therefore, if you define good as being without sin, none are good.

    However, I do believe that there is an element of Good inside each one of us, a beautiful whisper and fingerprint of God waiting to be revived within us. I also beleive that we are capible of becomming good through the power of the Holy Spirit. There is evidence of this hope through out the New Testement in parabels (Mt 25 tallents, Mt 7 good tree and fruit)

    By the way, I love the question. I will use it as my question of the day at Starbucks this weeK!!

  4. Here is my simple yet effective theological approach to this subject.:

    Red Sox Fan = Bad
    Yankees Fan = Good
    Huskers Fan = Bad
    Red Wings Fan = Bad
    Soccer Fan = Bad
    Raiders Fan = Bad
    Qdoba Customer = Bad
    Chipotle Customer = Good

    So… if you cheer on the Yankees and eat Chipotle you are good. If not, then you are bad!

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