I was reading the blog of a friend of mine and saw he had posted his Top 10 Moments of 2007 and I thought, “What a great idea.  I’ll steal it.”  So here it is, the list of all lists, my Top 10 of 2007…

10. The Washington Redskins making the playoffs…This is the most recent and the most irrelevant to my life, however I love my Skins.  After what I can only imagine was a difficult season to get through with the loss of Sean Taylor the Skins rallied together and showed great determination to make the playoffs this year.

9. Time with family & relatives…Not one specific event, but several.  Thanksgiving in Phoenix, Christmas at our house, multiple visits from my parents, seeing my brother on trips back to DC, my grandparent’s anniversary, and many more.  I’d say there’s nothing better than spending time with family, but I have 8 things that beat it in 07.

8. I shot my first 90 in golf…Many of you may laugh at this, but I think there has only been 1 or 2 other times that I cracked the century mark with my golf game, so to play bogey golf felt awesome!  Not bad for getting out 2-3 times a year.

7. Filling the Washington, DC Conference…What a pay-off.  I wrapped up my tenure as a Ministry Advocate at Dare 2 Share Ministries by successfully filling the Washington DC Conference to its capacity making it the largest first year city ever at nearly 3300 students and Youth Leaders.  It was incredible!

6. Finding Northern Hills Christian Church…Of all the churches I have attended and served at, I have to say that Northern Hills takes the cake.  The first day we walked in the door we knew we were home.  We’ve fallen in love with the people, the worship, the teaching, and the coffee shop.  Neva is now a worship leader there and I am continually praying about my role at the church as well.  Thanks Rob and Carol Ann for inviting us into this family!

5. New jobs @ Dare 2 Share…This was momentus for both Neva and myself.  Neva is now the Executive Assistant to the Vice President after serving as the Phoenix Ministry Advocate and I am now the Sales Manager after serving as the Denver and Washington, DC Ministry Advocate.  We are both excited about our new positions and can’t wait to see what is in store for us in 08.

4. Joining our Life Group…WOW!  These are the most loving, caring, funny, friendly, amazing people I know.  My wife and I had prayed for a close group of friends after moving to Denver, CO.  Thank You Jesus for bringing these friends into our lives and allowing us to do life with them!

3. Surprise 30th Birthday Party for my wife…I totally took her by surprise.  She didn’t even see it coming.  It was a great evening and the only thing more exciting than surprising is knowing that she got to 30 before I did!

2. Baptizing my son…I can vividly remember (and I hope that I will always remember) exactly how I felt in that moment of baptizing my son.  It was so fulfilling to be a part of that in my son’s life and the fact that he wanted me to baptize him.  I remember thinking, “I can accomplish nothing else in life and I will always feel like I have done everything there is to do by baptizing my son!”

1. Christian accepted Christ into his life…As a father there is no greater moment in all of life than to hear your son say, “Daddy, I believe.” 

I have no idea what 2008 has in store for me but it definitely has its work cut out for itself.

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