discover-god.jpgThis Christmas was another one that will go down in my life as an all-time great!  Neva’s parents and her sister’s family (Gina, Wayne and Nicholas) all came from Phoenix, AZ to join us for Christmas.  The weather man was saying there was a possibility for snow, but an inch or so at most.  After the snow tapered off this evening we were somewhere around 9″-10″.  Way to go weatherman…

In addition to the blessing of a white Christmas, Neva and Christian out did themselves in the gift department this year.  One of the things I had asked for was a new Bible as my previous one had fallen apart.  I was pleased to unwrap one of my gifts to find the, “Discover God Study Bible.”  As excited as I am for the gift of a Bible, I’m even more excited for the new steps I am taking in my life to truly discover God and grow closer to Him.  I’m looking forward to diving deep into His Word and learning new things about my Lord and Savior so that I might enjoy Him even more as I come to know Him more and more.

I look forward in the coming days, weeks, months, and so on to sharing some of the insights and learnings as I grow in my relationship and take strides on this journey…

2 thoughts on “Closer to God…

  1. Is this “Neva” the singer? I popped over here from Rob Kelly’s site. If so-please tell her what an awesome job she did at Christmas Eve service. Gorgeous voice, great communicator!

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