microsoft_xbox.jpg3 years ago my wife and son (who was only 3 at the time) pulled off a great Christmas gift surprise.  Allow me to give a little context.  I love video games.  I had been rockin’ out the stone aged PS1 for quite some time and loving it so I gave my wife, Neva, and son, Christian, specific instructions on what to get to improve my PS1 playing experiences.  A few games, new controller, etc.

The morning of Christmas arrives and I am anxious to see what I got…

Christian walks over and very eagerly hands me the gift he got me (this was the first Christmas he understood that the point of a gift was to give someone what they wanted, not what he wanted).  As I unwrapped it I noticed it was a wireless game controller but my excitement faded as I realized it was for the XBOX, not the PS1.  I thanked Christian profusely figuring it would be easy enough to trade it in and get what I needed. 

Neva then presents her gift to me, and she is glowing so I figured it had to be good.  As I rip open the gift I get a little more discouraged than before as “Halo 2” emerges from the wrapping paper.  I thank her for the gift and she immediately says, “Did I do good?  I’ve heard you talk about this game so I figured you would want it!”  I explain to her that both the game and controller are for a totally different game unit, but I appreciated the thought they both put into their gifts. 

At just the last moment, when I’ve resigned to the fact that I get to fight 2-3 hour customer service lines to get in store credit, Christian and Neva come around the corner with one more gift…


They totally hosed me like I’ve never been hosed before.  Of course I was overjoyed!  I pride myself on being sneaky, manipluative, a master of pulling the wool over peoples eyes…and I got nailed by my wife and 3 year old son.

There are many more wonderful Christmas memories, especially over the last 6 years since we get to see Christmas through the eyes of our son.  What’s one of your greatest Christmas memories?

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