Have you ever done something and it seemed as if time just stood still?  Or even that everything in the world seemed perfect?  These were just a few of the feelings that I encountered the afternoon that I baptized my son.  It was his first great act of obedience after choosing to accept Jesus Christ into his life.  I can remember thinking, “If this is the only thing I do right in life, then I’m okay with that.”  Baptizing my son may be the proudest I have ever been as a father.

2 thoughts on “Christian’s Baptism

  1. I totally understand – watching your child take on their faith and live out God’s purpose in their life is the coolest thing ever! It was a blessing to us to be there to experience this big day with you guys. We love you all!

  2. It was special for us that his baptism was at Northern Hills and that our “adopted” family was there to be a part of it. Thanks for sharing that monumental event with us!

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