Today is a day that I will forever remember as one of the greatest days of my life!  We found out today that our son, Christian, has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and “invited Him into his heart.”  He was absolutely precious as he recounted how the events unfolded…

We were in “Bible” today at school and our teacher asked us if we had ever invited Jesus Christ into our hearts or if we wanted to do that today.  I told her, “I don’t think I have ever done that!” (said quite matter of factly and in a manner that reflect he was 36 and not 6 years old).  We prayed together thanking God for sending Jesus to live in my life and during recess we went to the principals office and she prayed for us as well! 

The next words that came out of my sons mouth were confusing and hysterical all at once…

I invited Jesus into my heart and now I’m going to hell.

If you just did a double take then you read it as I heard it.  We immediately told him that we wasn’t going to hell and never would now that he believes in Jesus.  His response was simple, and very 6 year old in nature, “But I can call it hell if I want to.”  No…you can’t.  Hell is the opposite of Heaven and not any place that you would want to go.  As we discussed a few more minutes it appears he had somehow correlated “heaven up above” with hail that falls from the sky during a thunderstorm and was trying to communicate going to the place that hail comes from…yeah, I was worn out too after trying to follow his logic.

My wife recognized the importance of what would happen next in Christian’s life so as we left the house this evening she had him run over and tell one of the neighbor girls about the decision he made and he shared with her the Gospel hand.  She said cool, the typical response from a 12 year old who believes the same thing.  We continued to celebrate with him and encourage him.  We ended up buying him a Beta fish tonight as well.  Not so much as a reward, but something to help tie in another fond memory of today and the new life that has begun.  My son’s salvation will last for eternity, unlike his new fish, but my hope is that he will learn to correlate the new life he now is experiencing with his new fish.

The fact is, today my son’s name was written in the Book of Life.  It’s humorous sometimes to see how a child’s mind can wrap itself around the truth of Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the cross, and at the same time get hail and hell confused with heaven.

3 thoughts on “Christian became a Christian

  1. Yeh! Go God! I am so glad my baby boy is going to heaven! I have been praying for this since before he was born. Now lets pray he is well discipled and allows nothing to come between him and His Savior. No pressure on us as parents eh?

  2. I had the wonderful pleasure of hearing about this directly from Christian as he stopped by to say “hey” after school today… My prayer for him is that he continues to draw a deeper and deeper understanding of Christ’s sacrifice for him and in return serves him with as much passion and enthusiasm as both his Jesus-freak parents! BTW, For years we baked a birthday cake on to celebrate TJ’s annual spiritual birthday — it was a part of his childhood I will never forget.

    • This story makes me happy. Thanks for sharing. It’s amazing how comprehending all that God has done for us takes more than a lifetime, but is simple enough for a 6 year old to understand. Can’t wait to see him someday in the place that hail comes from.

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