I will limit the selection of cities to ones that I have at least visited, if not lived in, just to narrow the scope and make it a little more interesting.  I can’t really speak to or rank cities that I have never been in.

7) Denver, CO: How could I leave off my current home town where I live and work?  Home of Dare 2 Share Ministries and the city we plan on raising our son in through High School…and the only real city I know of west of the Mississippi River and East of the Rocky Mountians. 😛

6) Phoenix, AZ:  My wife’s hometown.  While I can’t say the dessert is the most desirable place to live, there’s nothing like a good dry heat.  Phoenix is a “cool” city to hang out in, and under the “good husband” clause I am obligated to list it. 

5) Atlanta, GA:  How can you argue with a city that has hosted the Summer Olympics and is the home of Coca-Cola?  If you ever get a free afternoon in the ATL check out Altanta Underground and the Coke factory! 

4) Washington, DC:  It’s the closest city I have ever had to a hometown (and I never really lived inside its limits).  Nothing beats a night of fireworks on the 4th of July in DC.  And for those of us who are extremely cheap dates, what’s better than every museum, monument, and zoo in the city being free.

3) New York, NY:  I went on a field trip in 5th grade to the Statue of Liberty and returned in my late 20’s to experience the Big Apple for Thanksgiving.  You bet, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, taking our son to see Santa in the Macy’s on the day after Thanksgiving…all while staying with my sister-in-law in Spanish Harlem! 

2) Key Largo, FL:  A tropical destination had to make it into this list.  I love the beach, so it’s only right!  This is the only place in the world I have been able to watch the sunrise over the ocean to the east and watch it set over the gulf to my west and be standing in the exact same spot on the beach both in the morning and evening…wow!

1) Rome, Italy:  I had to go international with at least one city and pay tribute to the years we spent living overseas.  So anti-American, but at least I didn’t pick Paris, France.  I remember visiting Rome with my parents while I was in college and being completely overwhelmed with it’s history, culture, architecture and food.  One of a handful of international cities I hope to take my family to one day.

2 thoughts on “The Seven: Best Cities in the World

  1. hey..where does york, pa sit? just kidding! From your list i’m partial to NYC. Mainly because it’s across from my home state and hometown.

  2. Ok, at least you say these are the cities you visited; but to claim them as the Best in the World, when you have only visited these few, is a stretch my friend.

    Anyway, it was a good read.

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