The Trinity is the most complete picture we can get of God and everything that He is: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit.  Each of them is unique representing completely different aspects of God but constantly in perfect harmony existing as one.  God the Father is the source of all life and Creation (Genesis 1 & 2).  God the Son, Jesus, is God in the flesh who existed fully as God and fully as man providing for us the only way to experience life in the fullest (John 10:10 & 14:6).  God the Holy Spirit lives with in us now empowering us to live our lives as God’s ambassadors to the world (Acts 1 & 2).  While that answer sounds simple it is a difficult concept to grasp and I have relied on a variety of analogies to help in my own understanding of the Trinity.

The EGG Analogy: An egg has 3 parts: shell, white, and yolk.  Separately they are still recognized as an egg even though the function separately of one another.  The shell is actually considered a fertilizer some use for gardenering and the white and yolk are both edible.

The APPLE Analogy: This one is extremely similar to the egg.  You have the skin, meat, and core of an apple.

The WATER Analogy: H2O represents itself in 3 different forms.  In it’s most natural form, it is a liquid.  When it is frozen it becomes ice and when it is heated enough it turns into steam/vapor.  I think this analogy is more accurate in that in any of the 3 forms, it is still the same substance and you can repeatedly put water through a heating and freezing cycle and never lose the quantity you start with.

A TREE Analogy: As best I know, this is an original thought but I could have heard it from somewhere else.  All trees, or any plant life for that matter, have roots (God) that are their source of life just like God is our source of life.  The trunk/limbs (Jesus) are the physical manifestation of the tree.  Then there are the leaves and fruit (the Holy Spirit) in that it is the Holy Spirit working in us that produces what our Christianity looks like as He works in us.  I think it is approriate that trees only bear fruit part of the year, in a particular season.  The same is true with us.  No one, in my opinion, is constantly producing good works.  We fall short often and can even go through long periods in life of not bearing fruit.  There are also instances that the fruit in our lives is sweeter than others. 

What analogy would you use to describe the Trinity???

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