The movie, ‘Click,’ starring Adam Sandler is not his best work, but a humorous movie none-the-less. I’ll go ahead and throw out my personal disclaimer up front regarding any scene including the family dog or ‘relations’ between Adam’s character and his on screen wife. If you can get passed those scenes in the movie, there are some incredible life lessons that can be extracted (especially if you are a dad or in a demanding job like ministry…)

1) Life is too short, so don’t miss the good stuff. Sandler’s character in the movie is given a universal remote with the magical ability to control life, not a TV or DVD player. He finds himself playfully pausing life for kicks and giggles but as he gets accustomed to the features of the remote things start getting out of hand. He skips out on the inconvenient things in life like family dinners, fights with his wife, illness, hardwork and long hours at the office, etc. What he fails to realize is that the remote eventually programs itself so he no longer controls what happens in life, the remote does. In the end he finds himself old, divorced, and miserable because he ultimately misses out on all of life as he lives 16 years in the matter of minutes. In an attempt to miss out on the inconveniences of life he misses all of the good stuff in between.

2) The importance of father / son relationships. Initially it seems that the focus of the plot is on the relationship between husband and wife. As the movie progresses it shifts focus as Sandler’s character is mostly impacted my his relationships with his dad (who is now deceased) and his son (who is turning out just like him). Other than a few laughs I found myself relatively unmoved by the movie to this point, but I found myself quickly wrapped up in the emotions of the father / son relationships. Who would have thought that after and hour plus of snickers I would have spent the last half hour with sniffles…which is my manly way to say tearing up shedding a tear. I truly believe that there is something supernatural about the relationship of fathers and son that stems from the relationship Jesus Christ had with God. As a man some of the most significant moments in life (outside of my relationship with my wife) come from my dad and my son. I can honestly say I have learned more about myself and my relationship with Christ through parallels I have experienced with my father and my son. My life has been significantly impacted/influenced by my dad and I can already see howI have impacted/influenced my son as well (and he’s only 6).

3) Unlike the movie, there are no second chances. It’s Hollywood so it wouldn’t be a happy ending unless Adam’s character got to wake up at the end, his experiences through movie a mere dream, and he is given the opportunity to live his life differently. The reality of life is that we get one shot, and if we wake up one day in life, ‘old, divorced, and miserable,’ then that’s all we have. I can honestly say that after watching ‘Click’ last night I was much more aware of the small special moments in life that I would normally overlook, or at least gloss over: holding hands with my wife, hugging my son and telling him that I’m proud of him, sitting with my wife on the couch, playing video games with my son, just the fact that as a family we got to spend ALL day together. I enjoyed today more than many previous Saturdays because I made the effort to pay attention to the ‘little things’ and realized that I wasn’t going to get the chance to live this day over.

There really is a second chance in life. It won’t necessarily undo what has been done in life, but it will alter your eternity forever regardless of the life you have lived and inspite of future mistakes. The second chance in life is the opportunity we have to live it for Jesus Christ. I can’t undo all the mistakes in my life and as much as I wish I could prevent future ones, I can’t. At the end of the day my hope comes from the fact that I live for Jesus Christ.

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