There is a numb feeling felt by many around the nation as it is just 36 hours after an incredibly tragic event took place on the campus of Virginia Tech as a gunmen killed 32 of his peers before taking his own life. The question still on everyone’s mind: “Why?”

Unfortunately, there may never be an answer to that question. “Experts” will speculate and the investigation will turn up evidence, but no one will ever know for certain what sent Cho Seung Hui down such a destructive path. I can’t help but wonder if someone had approached him with the message of hope found through Jesus Christ that the events of Monday, April 16th, might never have taken place. Surely if he had known the love of Jesus Christ he would have valued the lives of his classmates as well as his own that he never would have chosen to do what he did.

So maybe the bigger question out there is not “Why would someone do such a thing?” but rather “Why would a God who loves us allow such evil to exist in this world?” The answer, in my opinion, is rather simple and demonstrates mankinds greatest strength and most dangerous weakness:

the ability to choose.

Everyday we go through life and make hundreds of choices without thinking about them. The fact is the God who created us gave us an incredible gift & responsibility, free will. No matter what preventative measures could have been taken on Monday the fact remains that Cho Seung Hui made horrific choices that led to a national tragedy. I wish, just like everyone else, that God would have prevented what took place this week at Virgina Tech, or what took place at Columbine High School, or what took place on 9/11, or what took place in the Garden of Eden at the dawn of Creation, but He didn’t. He allowed those involved to make their own decisions, just like he lets you and me make our own decisions.

Each of us has the ability to choose good or evil and more often than not we choose good. However, each of us makes bad choices as well and at the end of the day we have to take responsibility for those decisions. No matter how big or little those bad decisions are we all share the same fate: we are all sinners. That simply means we all make bad choice. Big or little, rarely or frequently, more than others or less than others, we all make mistakes and are responsible for them.

The good news is that the God loves us and created us to be with Him. No matter how big or little the sins in our lives are they separate us from God and no amount of good deeds can remove them. No matter how much good we do we will undoubtedly make more bad choices. Paying the price for all of our sins, Jesus Christ died on the cross and was raised from the dead. Everyone who believes in Him alone has received the free gift of eternal life and that life that is eternal guarantees us that we will be in Heaven with Jesus forever.

You will probably never make a decision in your life as horrible as the one that Cho Seung Hui made earlier this week, but will you make the best decision you can make in your life and choose to trust in Jesus Christ?

For those of you who believe, what will you choose to do with it today?

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